Starlink and Maritime IT Enablement

Limited internet offshore is a thing of the past. No more excuses.

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Modern Offshore Operations Require Modern Communications

Underway Service can help you ensure your Maritime assets have the latest modern network connectivity on board the vessel as well ship to shore. Underway services provide Network assessments , Starlink installation and integration, on board data management, and AI based cyber security solutions.

Starlink delivers high-speed, low-latency broadband to offshore supply vessels, ensuring reliable, real-time communication and navigation support, enhancing operational efficiency and safety at sea.

Starlink integration

Upgrade your WiFi with our Internet Assessment & Upgrade Service. We evaluate your current network, pinpoint improvements, and craft a plan for a scalable, efficient WiFi setup. Enhance user experience with robust connectivity and meet growing demands. Our service includes infrastructure assessment, tech upgrades, security enhancements, an implementation roadmap, plus Starlink Procurement/Installation and Support.

Service Features

Network assessments and enhancements

Optimize your network with our Current Network Analysis service, covering Infrastructure Overview for a deep dive into your network's hardware and software, Performance Metrics to pinpoint improvement areas, and Cost Analysis for financial insights. Plan for the future with Expansion Requirements, Technology Integration for leveraging 5G, IoT, and AI, and a detailed Budget Forecast to prepare for upgrades and ensure network scalability.


Enhance your digital security with our Cyber Security solution, offering a layered approach to protect IT and IoT assets. Starting with an initial system audit to pinpoint vulnerabilities, we conduct thorough external and internal penetration testing to identify potential breaches. Our service includes drafting detailed recommendations, implementing automated patch management, and deploying advanced EDR/XDR solutions for real-time threat detection and response. With Vectra's AI-driven hardware, gain cutting-edge protection against sophisticated cyber threats, ensuring a robust defense for your digital infrastructure.

Onboard data management solutions

Revolutionize vessel document/data management with a cutting-edge solution that supplements traditional binder rooms. Our system offers synchronized, version-controlled repositories, ensuring seamless updates to rapidly changing information and easy access both onshore and onboard. It supports a broad range of data types, including documents, 3D assets, training manuals, and multimedia files, all searchable and interoperable in AR/MR formats. Plus, retain the option to print hard copies locally as needed, combining digital innovation with practicality.