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BlueGrid - Vessel Insights

Vessel Insights

Vessel Insights is the cutting-edge solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing onboard vessel energy information and data platforms, including renowned names like VARD. It provides you with consolidated easy-to-use view of your current and past energy use and emissions, with contextual information such as vessel speed and location. Our innovative system acts as the bridge between your vessel's core functions and your onshore operations, transforming the way you make critical decisions about maritime operations.

Key Features:

  1. Data Integration: Vessel Insights excels at capturing, storing, and streaming crucial data, such as navigation, fuel consumption, electrical energy, and GHG emission data. This comprehensive approach ensures that you have a complete current and historical understanding of your vessel's performance.
  2. Decision Support Interface: Our platform provides a user-friendly interface that empowers onshore operations teams to make informed decisions swiftly. Use historical data to understand patterns or act immediately for unexpected events.
  3. System Discovery: Vessel Insights doesn't just connect; it is an exploratory tool. Get high resolution insight into ship systems for energy production and consumption, identifying potential areas for fuel and emissions improvement and optimization.
  4. Seamless IT Integration: Our service handles the intricate task of integrating with your vessel's IT infrastructure and operating systems. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to smooth sailing.
  • Informed Decisions: Why guess what energy consumption is onboard when you can analyze and optimize with robust data and analysis.
  • Fleet View: See energy and voyage data for all of your vessels in one dashboard, regardless of the size and systems across your fleet.
  • Simple to Use: Easy to use and navigate interfaces allow maximum value with little to no training required.
  • Historical Reporting: Store historical data for reporting and billing purposes.

With Vessel Insights at your side, you'll have the data and tools to maximize efficiency, reduce fuel costs, simplify reporting, and enhance your vessel's environmental performance.

Join the future of maritime excellence with Vessel Insights today!

Ship Reality - Shipforce



ShipFORCE is designed to seamlessly integrate with your vessel’s IT infrastructure, providing a user-friendly emission compliance and business decision support interface. It not only integrates with and streams crucial operational data but also enables energy scenario improvement tools for your existing ship systems. This tool automates and digitizes compliance with IMO and EU emission regulations.

Key Features:

    1. Data-Driven Business and Technical Decision Making: Empower decision-makers by forecasting voyage emissions, analyzing the economic impact of adjustments, and accurately managing EU emission trading costs. It also provides crew and vessel owners with analytics from detailed vessel data, including navigation and energy usage, for compliance and improving operational efficiencies.
    2. Operational Efficiency: By facilitating data-driven decisions, ShipFORCE's reporting can be directly used to support cost savings and operational improvements.
    3. Emissions Reduction: A core benefit of utilizing ShipFORCE is its capability to reduce emissions. This is achieved through strong reporting practices that are aligned with environmental standards and regulations.
    4. Technical Decision Support: Supports vessel owners in making informed decisions regarding technical modifications, such as electrification and retrofits, enhancing the vessel's performance and sustainability.
    • Enhanced Environmental Performance: Significant emissions reduction, contributing to a cleaner maritime environment.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Ensures adherence to international emissions regulations, safeguarding against penalties and fines.
    • Fuel Cost Savings: Optimizes fuel usage, leading to considerable cost savings and economic benefits.

With ShipFORCE , you're equipped to achieve maximum efficiency, lower operational costs, and boost your vessel’s environmental performance.

Step into the future of maritime operations with ShipFORCE Analytics today!

  • Onshore Operations - Automatically Collect and Use Vessel Data

  • Combine real time data with compliance tools for complete end-to-end energy solution