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Navigate the Future: Enhanced Remote Support and Planning for Vessels with Mixed Reality

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Remote Spark is a cutting-edge Mixed Reality tool that enables hands-free live video and audio communication to provide real-time remote support to your offshore workforce. This innovative system acts as the bridge between the offshore workforce and onshore experts, transforming the way you tackle technical difficulties and respond to technical difficulties.

Key Features:

  1. Hands-free Communication: Enables field workers to hold hands-free communication with onshore experts, share a live view of their surroundings, and capture pictures and videos using voice commands.
  2. Interactive Video Call: Onshore experts can share documents with field workers, including PDFs, images, videos, and animated holograms. They can also annotate the field of vision and capture photos and videos.
  3. Low Bandwidth Solution: The video and audio call can be adjusted to the strength of the internet signal and can operate in low bandwidth mode.
  4. Spatial Document Storage: Files shared with field workers can be stored in space to create a spatial gallery onboard.


  • Real-time Support: RemoteSpark provides quick real-time support to offshore workers, reducing response time for emergencies and technical difficulties, and minimizing equipment downtime.
  • Lower Costs and Emissions: Removes costs and emissions related to mobilizing subject matter experts onsite.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Improves knowledge transfer by allowing communication with onshore experts and creating rich maintenance and inspection records, including media and annotations.

With RemoteSpark at your side, you'll have the tools to maximize efficiency, reduce equipment downtime, and enhance your vessel's environmental performance by staying on top of technical difficulties.

Join the future of remote support with RemoteSpark today!

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ShipREMOTE is a Mixed Reality solution designed to incorporate your vessel's maintenance and inventory procedures, providing a user-friendly task manager interface populated with systems and machinery specific information. This tool offers an easy-to-use interface to address maintenance and repair activities as well as a an easy method for onshore experts to share technical information and assign tasks to your offshore workforce.

Key Features:

    1. Custom Data Incorporation: ShipRemote incorporates machinery-specific and systems-specific information from your vessel to support maintenance and operations efforts in the field and reduce time to find technical information with an easy-to-use interface.
    2. Task Manager: offers an application accessible to offshore workers and onshore experts that synchs with internet connectivity.
    3. Algorithms for Efficiency: streamlines maintenance task prioritization and route optimization using advanced algorithms and user input about critical tasks and components.
    4. Digital and Rich Maintenance Records: enables fully digital maintenance records stored in a secure database as well as enabling rich documentation including images, videos, and annotations.


    • Offline Support: ShipREMOTE is accesssible even during offline times to ensure information is always within reach.
    • Lower Costs: the benefit of using ShipREMOTE is promptly addressing maintenance and repair activities to reduce the need for dockside repairs and maintain vessel uptime to a maximum.
    • Regulatory Compliance: staying on top of maintenance and repair activities means your vessel will comply with regulatory requirements.

With ShipREMOTE, you're equipped to achieve maximum efficiency, lower costs, and boost your vessel’s uptime.

Step into the future of maritime maintenance operations with ShipREMOTE today!